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Heaven Sent Same Day

Bike Messenger

When it comes to Center City Philadelphia there is nothing faster or more reliable than Heaven Sent’s fleet of bike messengers. All of our couriers are radio dispatched so communications are instant. All of our bikers can accommodate packages as large as a standard copy box. We offer three levels of bike messenger service:

  • Messenger Standard – Our standard speedy service. Our Bike messengers will pick up and deliver your packages in under 1 1/2 hours.
  • Messenger Rush – Our rush service. We will make sure your package gets delivered in under 30 minutes.
  • Messenger Super Rush – When deadlines are looming and time is not on your side, choose our Messenger Super Rush for your center city deliveries. Our dispatch staff and bike messengers will pick up and deliver within 15 minutes.

Driver Services

Our drivers are available 24 hours a day to deliver what you need, where you need it. All of our drivers are equipped with GPS to quickly get them to their destinations. We offer three levels of driver services:

  • Driver Standard – Quick and Reliable. Our drivers will pick up your packages and deliver them within a three hour period.
  • Driver Direct – We will dispatch our closest driver and drive directly, with minimum stops, to your delivery. We monitor the delivery closely and make sure deadlines are met.
  • Driver Super Rush – For those situations when every second counts. Super Rush jobs get our dispatchers’ and drivers’ immediate priority. Call us for availability and pricing.

Van Services

Is your delivery something on the larger side? Not a problem. Our fleet of van drivers are standing by to get the job done. Our vans can transport boxes, large machine parts, artwork, furniture; practically anything you need transported. We offer three levels of van service:

  • Van Standard – Our standard van service. Your large scale delivery will get to it’s destination quickly and safely.
  • Van Direct – Our rush van service. Your large scale delivery will be prioritized and expedited. We will send a van as quickly as possible to pick up and deliver your item(s).
  • Van Super Rush – When you need your large scale delivery right away, our signature Van Super Rush service is here to help. Our van drivers will go above and beyond to get your delivery to it’s destination as fast as possible.

Truck Services

When your delivery is extra large, let Heaven Sent do the heavy lifting. Our fleet of trucks are ready for anything. Our straight trucks are equipped with lift gates and can easily accommodate 10 pallets. Call us today to schedule a truck service.

Our Service Area

Heaven Sent will go anywhere and everywhere.

Above is a map of Heaven Sent’s immediate service area. If you are located 25 miles from Philadelphia,we can generally pick up from you in under one hour. Our state of the art dispatch center will dispatch the closest courier to your pick up’s location.

Delivery to New York, Newark, or Washington, DC?

Not a problem. Heaven Sent makes daily trips to New York, Newark and Washington, DC. Our direct driver service will get your delivery to it’s destination faster than UPS or FedEx, and our personal service will make sure your important delivery does not get lost in the shuffle. Our drivers know all the shortcuts and tricks to get around these cities. Our service will be unmatched.



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Heaven Sent is open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; and 365 days a year.
Heaven Sent accepts cash, company check, and credit cards for payment. We honor Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.